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How to Qualify for a Luxury Home Mortgage over $1 Million

People know the difference when driving into a very nice neighborhood which has multi-million dollar homes.

These wealthy neighborhoods tend to have homes that require financing over a million dollars.

The mortgage industry refers to this type of financing as "Super Jumbo" because the loan amount is greater than $1,000,000 and may go all the way up to $10,000,000.

Looking for a 10-percent down jumbo loans to $1.5 million on a $1.65 million home?

There's also financing with just 30-percent down on a $5.7M home with high credit scores and adequate liquid assets.

A standard jumbo loan is over $647,201, or $970,800, (depending on the county) and both type of loans are offered with added requirements or sometimes lender overlays.

Many borrowers with high incomes use these type of loans to purchase luxury homes, vacation homes, and even a high-end rental property in cities like Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco Bay Area. They are quite attractive for those who want to leverage their assets and take advantage of low interest rates.

san jose multi-million dollar home

If you are considering a super jumbo mortgage, then apply here to contact a licensed mortgage professional to help walk you step by step through the loan process.

High-end financing for luxury homes requires years of experience which is crucial to finding the best mortgage program to satisfy your requirements.

There are multiple options available.


Highlights of the Super Jumbo Loan programs are: 

  Loan amounts up to $10,000,000 (65% of property value)

Update: March 2022

90% jumbo loans with "full documentation" are available in California, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington up to $2 Million –
disclosure: 700 minimum credit score, 6-to-9 months reserves and approval by underwriting. Loan program is subject to change.

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95% Financing up to $1,500,000 with "traditional income documentation"

    Borrowers Need to have:

  • Credit score of 740 or above
  • Purchase or Refinance (no cash out)
  • Competitive Rates start from 4.50% and up
  • APR is 4.656% 1
  • Need to Verify Income and Assets for 2 years
  • No Prepayment Penalty

Otherwise, the normal down payment or equity necessary for a refinance of a jumbo loan is 15-percent down or equity and a "super jumbo", around 25-to-30% down but special programs do come up periodically.

  12 Month Bank Statements (No Tax Returns) - 60% financing up to $2 million in AZ, CA, CO, FL, WA, OR, HI, TX, FL - borrowers need a 680+ FICO score, 6 months in reserves, and approval by underwriting. APR is based on loan amount and credit scores. Not all borrowers will qualify.

  • Interest only option
    may be available on all ARM’s, Full Documentation, and loans using one year of bank statements for income.
    Terms are on the
    5 year, 7 year, or 10 year ARM’s, 30 yr Fixed.
  • Simple and Convenient
    Complete the easy on-line application

    for low documentation. A loan consultant will
    be assigned to your file and will contact you to begin the process. (for jumbo mortgages and super jumbo loan).

  • Speed Guaranteed
    Apply online and a loan consultant will be in touch with you within 24
    to 72 hours to begin the loan process.
    (* If your loan is feasible)

  • Competitive Rates
    The convenient and speedy process online enables lenders to offer some of the lowest rates in the industry for all types of mortgage loans, including a million dollar mortgage for homes in affluent neighborhoods. We challenge you to find lower rates and better fees from any other lender out there!

  • No Obligation

    It costs you nothing to apply. You are never charged a fee to apply online.
    No Obligation. No Credit Check, NO SSN !!

  • super jumbo mortgage loan for luxury homes

    Dollar Homes

    Loans for High Net Worth Individuals, Entertainers, Corporate Management, etc.

    If you have a considerable sized loan on
    your home then you probably have a financial
    advisor who is helping you plan for a solid future upon retirement. 
    Considering that sometimes high profile positions are cut short from
    external factors beyond your control, it is critical you have your
    money working for you at all times

    Interest only loans are recommended by many financial advisors since
    the tax advantages of borrowing against your home makes the cost of the
    money far lower than the potential returns invested elsewhere.

    Of course each individual has a unique portfolio to consider,
    so you may want to ask your financial consultant how you can save thousands of dollars a
    month.  Below is an example so you can see the difference

    Example of a Professional Athlete’s Loan


    Existing Loan Balance: $1,000,000
    Product: 15 Year Fixed
    Documentation: Full
    Rate: 3.75 %
    Current P&I Payment: $4,631


    New Loan: $1,000,000
    Product: 5 Year Interest Only
    Documentation: Full Income and Employment Documentation
    Rate: 4.125%
    New Payment: $3,437

    More cash flow of $14,322 a Year!
    or $1,193 per month. As an option, you may want to apply more towards principal

    This example is based on certain product guidelines but you can see how much extra money can be placed into other kind of investments. APR is 4.184% in above example using a borrower with a 740 credit score, 6 months PITI reserves on a California Property and .50 point cost. APR will vary slightly in other states due to lower or higher title and settlement fees.

      1. assumes a $500,000 loan amount, 2 point origination, and $2,575 for title, settlement, recording & related fees