Non QM Loan Programs

Not every lender can accommodate every borrower which is why flexible loan products are necessary to help all types of borrowers from owner-occupants to investors. Perhaps your bank says your debt to income ratio is too high based on tax returns. We have loans with DTI over 50 that you may qualify for.

You don't need to always provide tax returns to qualify. Use one of the seven loan programs below which uses only bank statements, 1099 forms, profit & loss statements, or the rental income from the investment property. You'll work with a company that has access to multiple Non-QM lenders not just HomeX or Citadel.

In today's market, it is not uncommon to buy properties that were purchased a year ago for 20-40% less and went through an extensive rehab to resell for a profit. Properties like these may present seasoning issues for most lenders but there are companies with loan programs that will use today's value.

Review financing below for low documentation, cash out refinancing right after buying, and fix & flip loans.

Outside the box loans are a great option for home buyers, homeowners and investors.

1 Year Tax Return
  • Must be self-employed with 640+ credit scores or W2 with 660+ credit scores
  • (Click for More Info)
Bank Statement Program
  • NO Tax Returns. Alternative Income - up to 90% financing
  • (Get more info about 12 & 24 month programs)
1099 Home Loan for Employees or Contractors
  • NO Tax Returns or transcripts. Income used on your 1099 forms - up to 85% financing
  • Must be a contractor or employee paid 1099.
  • (Get more info)
Profit & Loss Program
  • NO Tax Returns or transcripts. Income & expense statement by CPA - up to 75% financing
  • CPA provides either 12 or 24 months Profit & Loss and YTD P&L for self-employed borrowers.
Liquid Assets over $500,000
  • No Job, No Income, No Tax Returns - up to 75% LTV
  • (More Info)
Loans After Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, or Short Sale
Low Down Payment Options
    0 down, 0.5% percent, 3%, 5%, and 10 percent down using FHA or conventional
    (More Info)
No Income Verification / Stated Income
  • A true "Stated Income" mortgage loan
  • Purchase with a 30% down payment
  • Learn more about the requirements - (more info)
Other Solutions
  • Have (1) or (2) 30-day mortgage late payments in last 12 months?
  • Refinance cash-out right after purchase
  • Financing for Foreign Nationals - (more info)
Investor Cash Flow
  • Qualify based on property's cash flow. No Job, No Income, & No Tax Returns.
  • (click for more info)
Investor Financing
  • Fix & Flip loans
  • Own 10 properties or more?
  • Cross Collateral
  • Stated Income for Investment properties ( click for details)