Early Home Mortgage Payoff

Our Mortgage Payoff Calculator tells how much to add to monthly payments to reduce your loan term and how soon you will pay off your home loan.

Eliminate Your Mortgage Quicker
For homeowners who have extra cash available, reducing or getting rid of your mortgage loan earlier than its scheduled term may be a good option so it is not an issue to worry about later. Although, there are some financial experts who advocate strongly against doing so. Use our calculator below and see the differences.

Mortgage Balance
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Interest Rate  %
Let's Payoff My Loan in

Early Payoff Without
Early Payoff
Extra Payment Each Month
Total Monthly Payment $
Total Interest
Total Paid
Actual Payoff Time

Number of Payments 290
Annual Cost

Just so you know, another way to getting your mortgage paid off early is to simply refinance to a shorter term. Instead of putting more money towards your payment every month, you refinance to a lower rate and less years. It's a win-win situation when it comes to rates and paying less interest over the long run. With all the custom loan products nowadays, you could feasibly switch to a 20 or 15 year loan.

Some companies understand that consumers are financially savvy and responsible and have a yourgage where you determine the loan term to be whatever you choose (i.e. 7, 9, 12 years etc.) Furthermore, you'll more than likely pay less interest on a refinance than you would if you elect to simply pay it off early "as is" IF you have a higher interest rate. Imagine if your rate were lower and applied the extra payment each month on that loan! Now, that's outside the box thinking.