Rental Property Loan Programs

Do you own or manage investment property?

We have a variety of investment property mortgage loans for single family homes, townhomes, condos, as well as two- to- four unit properties used to generate rental income.

Traditional Income
Provide income documents (tax returns & W2s if salaried), assets, and employment information.

Alternate Income
Use bank statements instead of tax returns.

Stated Income
State your income based on profession and assets statements.

Property Cash Flow
No income, No employment,and No personal debts are needed. If the rent can pay the full mortgage payment, you may qualify.

Bridge Loans
Get temporary financing up to 24 months for a purchase while your current investment property is for sale.

cash flow residential mortgage program

Traditional Financing

The process is similar to buying a home. The borrower will need to provide their most recent two years of tax returns showing their income, a recent two year history of employment, and the subject property's rental income in order to qualify.

Alternate Income

As a substitute for providing two years of recent tax returns, investors are permitted to provide 12 or 24 months of bank statements to prove their income. However, the interest rate for doing so will be higher especially for properties with 20-25 percent equity.

Stated Income

Use stated rental income on an investment property with 30-percent down. Loans up to $5M. Available on condo-tels, non-warrantable condos, and mixed-use properties too.

Property Cash Flow

  • DSCR from .80 and up
  • Unlimited financed properties
  • No Employment
  • No Income
  • No Debt to Income(DTI) Ratios
  • No Tax Returns
  • Use cash out as reserves
  • No seasoning on cash out refinance
  • Interest Only payment option
  • No prepay penalty
  • Credit scores from 620 and up

Short Term Financing

Get Cash out on your property up to 24 months while it's listed for sale so you can purchase your next investment without waiting for the other property to sell.

Minimum Property Value: $200,000
Minimum Loan Amount: $150,000*

Minimum Credit Score: 680
Maximum Loan to Value: 75 LTV
Interest Only payment option

Close your property in an LLC for asset protection from creditors, divorce, etc.