Best Loans to Buy a Rental Propert

Making the choice to buy an investment property may be for a lot of reasons such as a strategy to secure your financial future, diversify your investments, or for a 1031 exchange. With that in mind here are the best loan products to acquire a home, condo, duplex, triplex, four-plex or even a 5 to 8 unit income property.

Conventional Loan for Investment Property

Traditional employment verification and 2 year tax returns.
20-25% down payments necessary to be considered.

standard rental property loan

No Tax Return Loan for Rental Property

Get approved using alternative income such as large liquid asset accounts or bank statements (if self-employed).
You'll need a 25% down payment minimum to be considered.

alt income rental loan

No Doc Loan for Rental Property

No personal income. No tax returns.
No employment. No job verification.
Use rental income and credit to qualify along with a 20% plus down payment
or consider a bridge loan.

low doc rental property loan