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Refinancing Your Vacation Home or Second Home
It is likely that in the last few years you may have purchased a second home with all-cash to show sellers you had the strongest offer and will close on time.

Fortunately, mortgage lending guidelines have become a lot less stringent as home values have risen.

So, it is less difficult to take some cash out and refinance that second home, vacation home, or investment property your bought in recent years.

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It is definitely worth the time to explore your refinancing options to secure today's low mortgage interest rates. One reason is so you can leverage your property and keep your funds elsewhere for other investment opportunities as they arise.



Second home or vacation home properties are regarded by a number of lenders as more risky compared to owner-occupied homes on the grounds that in the event of financial problems, the borrower is much less likely to fall behind on the mortgage for their primary residence.

To get started on refinancing your second home or vacation home be prepared for:

The time to close should take just three to four weeks to complete

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