Foreign National Loans

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How Foreigners Can Qualify for a Mortgage Loan

A great mortgage program to assist those who want to buy a primary, second home,or investment property in the U.S., Whether it is to visit the country on business or vacation.

Available in: California, Colorado, Florida and Texas.

  • Who is eligible? Borrowers with a valid foreign passport.

  • Property Usage:Primary Residence, Second Home, or Rental Property

  • Available on: Purchase, Refinance, Refinance with cash back at lower loan to value
  • 75% financing up to $750,0001
  • 65% financing up to $2,000,0002
  • Loan amounts as much as $3,000,000 with 50% down (at lower LTV)
  • Up to 80% financing to $1.5 million for Work VISA & U.S. Expatriates working abroad

  • Minimum Loan Amount: $150,000

  • Credit Scores Required:
    -Not applicable unless you are a permanent resident with U.S. credit

  • Fixed-Rate or ARMs: 5 year Fixed ARMs and 30 Year Fixed

  • Maximum Debt to Income Ratio: 43%  (up to 50 allowed with a VISA)

  • Reserves: 6-9 months; If loan amount is over $1 million, then 12 months

  • What is required?  Copies of last 6 months bank statements. (Needs to be translated to English language and displayed in US currency). 2 bank reference letters written in English

    • Verification of income and employment
    • Self Employed:
      • A letter (on company letterhead) from a professional based in the borrower's country of residence such as an Accountant/CPA/Financial Institution Officer / Licensed Financial Advisor verifying (i) the type of the business (ii) income for the last 2 years and (iii) a year-to-date income
    • Wage Earners: • A letter (on company letterhead) from an authorized representative of the employer stating (i) employment history (position/title, time on job),(ii) current monthly salary and year-to-date earnings.
      • A valid pay-stub / pay ledger or financial institution deposit / transaction record that supports the employment

  • What is the ADVANTAGE?
    - Able to participate in purchasing real estate in the U.S., including a 2-unit home in designated vacation areas.

1. 25% down payment equals higher rate and 12 months PITI reserves required.
2. 35% down payment & valid VISA typically brings has better rates

Apply for a mortgage without a VISA

Loans for Foreigners

Buy in California, Florida, Texas

With a 30-40% down payment,non US citizens (Permanent residents, Non-permanent Residents) can buy a home in the U.S.