Veterinarian Business Loans

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Financing for Veterinary Practice

Concerns tend to arise when you want to start or expand your veterinarian practice. Apart from looking for owners of domestic pets, getting secure financing is a task you need to proceed with concern.

Fortunately for doctors and healthcare professionals, any roadblocks that arise can be handled by taking certain steps. Being in the healthcare profession makes these steps not very difficult since it is a high earning industry.

Some veterinarian businesses bill their customers through pet insurance companies. If those customers are the bulk of your business, there could be delays in receiving payments. If that is a natural occurrence a line of credit may be ideal for your business.

Veterinarian practice lenders offer multiple solutions for you like:

  • move from leased space to space you will own
  • Construction of a new building for an existing practice
  • Purchase of an existing profitable practice and building.
  • Purchase of a building to expand an existing practice

large animal vet doctorA loan ranging from 5 to 25 years, a line of credit, or SBA loan might be the best thing for your pet doctor business or doctors who work with large animals.